Service Tiers

We have 3 levels of service to meet the needs of every business. Additional programs (hive tours, presentations) are available upon request for an additional charge. We are available for custom events such as company picnics. Call or email for pricing details.
Tier Table (1).png


  • Complete beehive system using hand-made, all natural Langstroth hive equipment.

  • Installation of three colonies of docile honey bees with guaranteed laying queen

  • Regular hive inspections and updated reports available online 24/7

  • Local and expeditious customer service by phone and email

  • Any required disease treatments, including Varroa mites

  • Addition / removal of equipment as needed

  • Removal of honey supers in the fall

  • Honey extraction for you and your employees

  • Replacement colonies provided at no cost, if needed 

  • Fully insured professional service from a local company

  • Cautionary signage around the hive and education materials for you and your employees