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Service Tiers

We have 2 levels of service designed to meet your needs. Additional programming (hive tours and presentations) is available upon request for an additional charge. We are happy to customize our programs for special events like corporate picnics or conventions. 

Contact us for pricing details!
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Bee Good

The first of our two tiers of service, Bee Good is a corporation's way to show that they care about the bees and contributing to their local environment.
  • Bee Good includes a full FRB installation and maintenance plan, but...
  • does not include our renowned employee wellness programming or event hosting/participation 
  • the client will not receive 100% of the honey yield produced from their hives

Bee the Best

Our premium service, Bee the Best, will treat your employees and tenants with the same care you'll be showing the environment, and both will be thankful for it!
  • Bee the Best includes a full FRB installation and maintenance plan, and also gives access to...
  • FRB managed hive tours that will take a group of people into the inner workings of your hives
  • Corporate event planning and participation
  • Consistently updated documents detailing the health of your hives
  • all 90 or more lbs of honey produced by their hive system
  • and so much more!
No matter which tier is right for you, all FRB services include:
  • Three honeybee colonies in Langstroth hives with accompanying stand
  • Bees guaranteed to be docile and productive
  • Local and expeditious customer service by phone and email
  • Any required disease treatments, including those preventing Varroa mites
  • Honey extraction for you and your employees
  • Replacement colonies provided at no cost, if needed 
  • Fully insured professional service from a local company
  • Cautionary signage around the hive and education materials for you and your employees

Contact us for pricing details!
Ask about custom decorative vinyl wraps for your hives!
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