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Beehive and Swarm Collection


When a honeybee colony grows too big for their existing hive, they will split off part of their population to go off and start a new hive. This is the natural process by which bees reproduce at a colony level, and it is known as swarming. Despite the negative connotation of the name, the bees are no more aggressive during this time. Honeybees can start swarming beginning in mid-April, but typically it is over by mid-June.


Just because they aren't being aggressive doesn't mean their new choice of hive location is beneficial for everyone, though. If there are ever bees somewhere that you don't want, as a swarming cluster or as an established hive, we will happily come and safely relocate them. Free Range Beehives has experts on staff who are professionals in swarm retrieval. 

If you are feeling stuck with unwanted bees, call 303.815.7301 or contact us using the form below and we will come get them as soon as we are available! This solution is better than calling an exterminator for the bees, for the environment and your conscience.


Please notify us as quickly as you can - swarms will gather for only a few to several hours before moving into an enclosed space to build their new hive. 

Call us at 303.815.7301
Fill out the fields bee-low and we will contact you about recovering your swarm!

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We will contact you as soon as possible to get additional details and set a time for us to come collect your bees. 
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