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Honeybee Support

Our primary mission at Free Range Beehives is to restore healthy and sustainable bee populations. We work for the health of all beneficial bees, both native and introduced, because we recognize their importance for the health of a balanced ecosystem.


We're not alone in this assessment, either, as the Earthwatch Institute, during a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London in 2019, concluded that, due to their immense impact on the environment and human health, bees are the "most important living animal on the planet". See a full article on this conclusion here! 

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Bees face many struggles in the modern world. Climate change, pesticides, loss of forage and habitat, and virulent diseases all play a role in the decline of these critical pollinators. The United States loses almost 50% of its managed hives every year due to these factors.

This is why our clients are such important stewards of the environment! Bees pollinate a huge percentage of our wild and agricultural plants, and represent a critical component of the ecosystem. When we place honeybee hives and native bee housing on our clients' sites, we're working together to ensure the future health of Colorado's environment.


Some people worry that their bees wont be able to flourish in their downtown city locations, but urban environments are very supportive of foraging honeybees. Surprisingly to most, the diversity of pollen from urban settings is much greater than that from agricultural locations, and that diversity is highly beneficial for the bees. 

Many businesses are challenged to find ways to be more sustainable, greener and help the environment. Corporate beekeeping is an easy, cost-effective way to help the environment, save the bees and provide your corporation with fun, engaging and educational employee wellness programs!

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