Honeybee Support

In 2019 the Earthwatch Institute, during a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, concluded that, due to their immense impact on the environment and human health, bees are the "most important living animal on the planet". See a full article on this conclusion here

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Our clients are important stewards of honeybees and the environment. Honeybees pollinate a huge percentage of our wild and agricultural plants, and represent a critical component of the ecosystem. At the same time, changes in our environment and new diseases are pressuring honeybees more than ever. Many honeybee colonies do not survive their first full year. 

Urban environments are very supportive of foraging honeybees – actually, the diversity of pollen from urban settings is much greater than that from agricultural locations. This is healthy for the bees. Rooftop settings (a common placement for urban honeybees) are, in many ways, ideal for honeybee hive location: they are above traffic, are out of the way of most human traffic, and predators such as skunks and bears cannot reach them. Since bees will travel up to two and a half miles in all directions to find nectar and pollen, a rooftop location offers an ideal launch point for foraging.

Many businesses are challenged to find ways to be more sustainable, greener and help the environment. Corporate beekeeping is an easy, cost-effective way to help the environment and provide your corporation with fun, engaging and educational employee wellness programs.