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Corporate Beekeeping

Honeybees Working For Wellness

Increase employee and tenant satisfaction with unique and sustainable employee wellness programs based around one of the world’s most industrious pollinators - honeybees

"After touring, I felt like the hives were much safer than I originally thought. I was never a fan of bees but watching Mike... made me realize that having a hive around is no more dangerous  than having a few flowers in a pot."

"Thank you all so much for taking the time to walk us through the whole experience. You answered every question (no matter how silly it was) and explained things at an easy to understand level... Now I get to show people how brave I am and I get to share some fun facts about the bees."

"I will say that I am normally pretty anxious around bees, but that was surprisingly not the case during the tour. The "instructors" knowledge and confidence helped tremendously. Definitely a really positive and stress free experience! "

"Mike and Dave did a fantastic job explaining the hive and what we were seeing. They took their time to answer questions and shared their obvious love for the bees. Great time!"

Our Mission

To deliver unique, engaging and hands-on employee wellness programs to help organizations increase employee loyalty. Our services are centered around the health and well being of local honeybee populations by caring for beehives on corporate properties.

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What We Do

We will install and maintain honeybee hives on your building site.

Learn the details of how we present and produce content for your corporation.

Clients Include

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And More...


We offer two tiers of service:

Bee Good

The first of our two tiers of service, Bee Good is a corporation's way to show that they care about the bees and contributing to their local environment.
  • Bee Good includes a full FRB installation and maintenance plan, but...
  • does not include our renowned employee wellness programming or event hosting/participation 
  • the client will not receive 100% of the honey yield produced from their hives

Bee the Best

Our premium service, Bee the Best, will treat your employees and tenants with the same care you'll be showing the environment, and both will be thankful for it!
  • Bee the Best includes a full FRB installation and maintenance plan, and also gives access to...
  • FRB managed hive tours that will take a group of people into the inner workings of your hives
  • Corporate event planning and participation
  • Consistently updated documents detailing the health of your hives
  • all 90 or more lbs of honey produced by their hive system
  • and so much more!

Call today to discuss what level of service makes sense for you!


FRB is committed to engaging in sustainable and ethical business practices. We have proven our commitment to this cause by certifying Free Range Beehives as a B Corporation, and by joining the Best for Colorado and Good Business Colorado communities. We are actively engaged in making sure our impact on the environment and society is nothing but beneficial, and being a part of these groups shows our dedication.


Free Range Beehives has also partnered with a number of organizations in and around Denver who are dedicated to the betterment of our local communities. We work with U.S. military veterans through the Hives for Heroes program, and have established a joint project with Slow Food Denver, Focus Points and Huerta Urbana to bring pollinators to an underserved Denver community.

Free Range Beehives - Hives For Heroes
Ask about custom decorative vinyl wraps for your hives!



For any questions or to request a quote, please call (720) 320-5517 or fill out the following form:

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Tel: (720) 320-5517

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