Employee Wellness

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has emerged as a core value for corporations around the world. It’s important for these environmental stewards to communicate the positive impact they are making. We work closely with our clients to develop public relations and employee wellness materials that directly relate to their beehives.

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We present and distribute educational materials to the clients and their employees to better educate them on honeybees and their role in the environment. Our clients regularly interact with their hives, both in person and through the content we provide. Clients and their employees are invited to join hive inspections when appropriate, have the chance to see their bees at work in an observation hive during events, and receive fun and informative written reports on the status of their hive after every inspection.

Clients also learn about their bees during educational presentations and workshops and discover their ecological impact during special events, developing a deeper appreciation for the environment by doing so. We work with our clients to ensure that public facing material is produced from any and all events that we run for them, spreading it throughout social media and written content such as yearly environmental statements and annual reports.