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The Environment

Climate change is a global issue that we can't afford to ignore. The drastic shift in our environment has impacted all living things on Earth, and honeybees are no exception. As climates change, so too do the dynamics of the ecosystem and our seasons, and this is especially apparent in Colorado. Pollinators are struggling to keep up with their changing environment, as their forage is no longer available when they need it most. 


We at Free Range Beehives are working to restore both native and managed bee populations, using our local expertise to account for the struggles brought by climate change. We continue to strive for this goal in large part because we know that the healthier pollinator populations become, the more they can help to restore the environment around us!


Pollinators like bee are essential for all ecosystems. They provide food for countless other animals, and are the primary means of propagation for an astonishing amount of plants. Without them, flowers wouldn't exist and most life would perish from the earth. Because of how tied into the environment they are, both native and honey bees are indicator species. These animals give us information that allows us to address problems in our environment before they become irreparable. 

This also means that bees are the exact partner we need to help heal our ecosystems! If they have healthy and stable populations, they can work to restore flora and fauna across Colorado and beyond.

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Free Range Beehives is here to support all species of bee. When we first began our mission, we set out to save the honeybees and use them as a vehicle to deliver essential education about nature and its importance. As we expanded our range and talked to more experts in the field, however, we discovered that Colorado's native bees were undergoing the same plights, but that very few people knew about it!


So, starting in 2023, Free Range Beehives will be including native bee support with all our installations. These solitary, non-managed species are harder to care for and propagate directly, but we want to make sure we do all that we can to support them as they do their critical work for the ecosystems of Colorado.

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