People are agents of change, and we realize our planet needs all of us if we are to reverse the effects of climate change and preserve it for our children. While our mission may focus on protecting and restoring honeybee populations, it is people that make this mission possible. 


The global Covid 19 pandemic has created an employment situation unlike any in recent history. The majority of employers are struggling to fill jobs and get employees to return to the office. Many people otherwise fit for the workplace are electing to wait before going back to work. It has never been more important to offer a competitive, compelling workplace. While hiring is a challenge, retention is an even bigger challenge:  63% of employers say that retaining employees is more difficult than hiring them. Studies show that more than ⅓ of employees are searching for a new job! As a result, US employers spend $1.1B per year searching for replacement workers. Employee wellness programs have been proven to reduce turnover and increase productivity.

We deliver our services to corporations, using hosted honeybee hives as the vehicle to provide valuable programming to employees.  Our programs are hands-on and interactive, and have a visually tangible aspect to them.  Our services result in helping the honeybee population as well as increasing employee satisfaction and lowering costly turnover. 


More and more companies are adding experiential amenities such as pollinator gardens and hosted outdoor activities (hiking, biking, birding etc.) in order to get employees to return to work and to improve their work environment, with the goal of increasing retention and productivity. FRB uses the honeybee hives as the basis for our experiential programming to teach concepts of inclusion, communication, selflessness and leadership. In this way, we positively impact employee satisfaction, which leads to a more engaged and productive workforce. The long-term goal of FRB is to help our clients create a workplace that attracts and retains talent. Companies with high engagement rates are on average 21% more profitable, and highly engaged workplaces see 41% lower absenteeism.

While our primary mission is the safe and sustainable bolstering of local honeybee populations and the environment, we know the impact that honeybees have on people as well. In addition to everything they do for us in an environmental capacity, we at FRB have begun to utilize them in the workplace in order to make employees and tenants more fulfilled in their daily lives.