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Residential Service

A Personal Touch

Free Range Beehives now offers hive services for your home, so you can enjoy and learn from these pollinators in your personal life.

With Free Range Beehives' residential services you'll get to experience all the benefits of being an at-home beekeeper without the necessary expertise or equipment.

Learn all about beekeeping and the ecosystem of your own personal hives alongside Alex DeCesaro, our residential beekeeping manager and 5 year beekeeping expert.


Services Included


The residential service model is very similar to the corporate structure. A trained, professional beekeeper, will install and regularly maintain hives on your grounds, work with you to learn about the bees, and extract the honey for you in the fall. 

Our residential service includes:

  • Two (2) honeybee hives and native bee housing, guaranteed against loss.

  • Bi-weekly inspections from the months of April to July.

  • Monthly inspections in the months of August to October.

  • Specialized winterization to ensure hive survival.

  • Quarterly inspection reports, detailing the health of your hives.

  • Honey extraction in the fall.

  • Education and engagement with a professional beekeeper during inspections, at your leisure.

  • Insured, personalized, professional work.


Reach Out

Honeybees are ordered in March and typically installed in April, though later spring and summer installations can be accommodated. 

Contact Alex DeCesaro today to discuss getting your own hives this spring!

(720) 626-8555

Ask about custom decorative vinyl wraps for your hives!

If you're planting new things in your garden this year, why not consider bee-friendly plants? Click the link below for a list!


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