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Honey Extraction

We extract honey for our clients, from the hives we maintain on their properties. We don't provide third-party extraction services.

Honey is a complex and unique product produced by only one creature on planet Earth: the honeybee. Pure, natural honey contains natural preservatives and will never spoil; in fact, honey has been found in 2000-year-old tombs in Egypt! Honey also helps people with allergies and is a natural antiseptic. On top of all that, it's delicious!
In addition to supporting the environment and honeybees, you will receive the honey we extract from the hives we maintain at your location. At the end of each season we will assess honey stores and decide how much honey we can take for you, and how much we need to leave for the bees. It is critical that the bees have a source of food for winter, and honey is the best possible source of that nutrition. In some boom years, we may be able to take up to 40lbs of honey from a single hive (a $500 value at retail prices). We guarantee that we will do everything possible to maximize honey production and provide you with a honey crop in the fall. (1).gif
Clients receive their honey pre-bottled with a sticker of their logo or a design of their choice. This makes the honey easy to distribute and ensures everyone knows exactly where it came from!
Please note that it is common in year one for the bees to generate enough honey only for themselves - they are not yet populous enough to generate extra. Any honey we can take for ourselves in year one is a bonus. In year two you can expect a full harvest.
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