Sustainability Programs

Here at free range beehives we want to not only work to help the bees, but work to help your business. Honeybees can help your building to become more sustainable by helping the environment, therefore bolstering your green impact in the community. 


Free Range Beehives is capable of helping your business obtain certification with several different sustainable organizations, including: 


  • The WELL Building Standard 

  • B Corporation

  • Denver Green Code

  • Certifiably Green Denver

  • LEED 

  • And more!


By installing beehives on your property you can fill a requirement for many sustainable initiatives, and in some cases we will even help to ensure the certification points are achieved. 


All of these sustainability initiatives and organizations are sure to help your business thrive in an ever growing environmentally conscious environment. Through diligent research it has even been found that being certified in one or more of these organizations:


  • Attracts and retains employees, clients and investors

  • allows building owners to charge higher rent

  • leads to lower vacancy rates

  • increases property values

  • builds brand equity

  • increases job satisfaction and productivity

  • Lowers utility costs


Your business will prosper, your tenants and employees will be content, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to the health of Colorado’s ecology.


If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us.

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