Greener Buildings

When you install beehives on your building, you ensure that your building operates more sustainably and benefits the surrounding ecosystem. 


Not only will your honeybees create healthier flora populations for miles around your property, but they will increase the biodiversity of the area, both by their introduction to the area and by their pollination efforts. By installing these hives on your property, you will also be restoring and protecting a critical species. 


Installing hives on your roof will help to reduce the heat absorption of your building’s architecture, and will ensure that any plants on your property will flourish. This means any rooftop foliage you may own, or any of the plants placed elsewhere on your property will receive this benefit. This benefit will also extend to the surrounding plant life, demonstrating your building as a bastion for the ecological well being of your community. 


The honey our honeybees provide for your building and tenants will serve in the local community as a food production service. We can supply up to 120 lbs of honey in your second year with just one installation of honeybees, ensuring that your impact on local food production will be seen and felt. 


There are several economic benefits that sustainability incorporations into your building, including possible tax cuts, higher rent charges, lower vacancy rates, and lower operating costs. Some of these benefits come from sustainability program certification, which our honeybee installations can help your building obtain. 


If you want to learn more about the sustainability initiatives your building could qualify for certification and read about some of the other ways your honeybee installation will improve your building and community, see our Sustainability Programs page here, or contact us.

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